Features of Wi-Fi marketing in the market place

WiFi Marketing

Features of Wi-Fi marketing in the market place

Free Wi-Fi is just another add on competitive advantage for a company. For business owner, it’s not FREE because they pay for it. In contrast, Wi-Fi actually can be a goldmine in your business. The expenses on Wi-Fi can be an investment if it is fully utilized. It becomes an effective marketing channel for business. But what can a business do with a Wi-Fi marketing platform and how the Wi-Fi marketing technology works?


WE WIFI is one leading Wi-Fi marketing company in Malaysia. Let us review the core features provided by WE WIFI for your Wi-Fi marketing.

1. Branding

Welcome splash page is fully under your control. Business owner can customize your own business photos and shout out your latest promo. A customized splash page with your business logo and information will build your company brand better. WEWIFI would set the best login options you want to provide customers with.


  1. In-session Ads

The advertisement would reach your users when they are accessing your Wi-Fi. The In-Session Ads that are displayed right in the users’ smart phones, tablets or laptop screen. It will be more effective compare to print ads.


  1. Maximum Reach

Your ads would reach people by hotspot station in the city and in the same time boost local awareness and reach potential customers in desired area. This is the best way to reach people at your location and keep your business in their mind.


  1. Multi-Device Solution

Your Wi-Fi splash page is supported by multi-device includes tablet, smartphone and laptop. You can customize your own brand splash page. Insert your logo, background and brand name with your preference that suit your customer’s taste.


  1. Real-Time Performance

WEWIFI offer access to the most vital part of your data. A monthly report will be provided based on real time performance of your guest Wi-Fi. Thus, business can build their own customer data base and get connect with them easily.


  1. Wi-Fi Marketing

WEWIFI offers a modern way of Wi-Fi monetization and build good relationship with your customers. The business owner can engage your own customers, promote your services and get hundreds of insights in no time. People around that using your Wi-Fi also access to your splash page and get to see your latest promotion.


  1. Bandwidth Limiting

In order to avoid misuse issue, we control your internet data usage. Your guest Wi-Fi data would be share efficiently among your customers.

  1. Session Time Management

Session time can be adjusted anytime at your preference. Owner can set a different time session usage. You always have the choice to change the settings.


  1. Local Awareness Portal

Your guest Wi-Fi enables local advertisers to advertise effectively in your landing page. It builds brand awareness and increase ads efficiency just by a few clicks.


  1. Native Ad Formats

We supports wide range of Native Ad Formats includes Clicks to Websites, Video, Offers and Vouchers, Apps install, Survey and Feedback and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Business owner can choose all types of interactive ads to increase their efficiency of their ads through their own landing page.

From all these features above, we can see that Wi-Fi marketing is now a trending marketing strategy in the market place as it brings more features to us. To be an effective business strategy in expanding business, owner might have to think wise of using their guest Wi-Fi as an investment.

For further enquiries of Wi-Fi marketing, you may reach us at 04 373 0642 or info@wewifi.com.my.

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